Dying Cancer Patient Wishes To See His Beloved Horse One Last Time

Frank Keat has dedicated more than 70% of his life to his beloved horses. He has worked in stables as a teen, and later in life became a horse breeder and participated as a judge for equestrian competitions across England.

At 80 years of age, Frank is facing the grim reality of living with cancer.

“Dad had been involved with horses since he was 15, and there’s nothing he didn’t know about them,” – Keat’s son, Tim

Frank Keat told hospital staff that he had just one final wish: He wanted to see his favorite horse, a handsome 5-year-old named Early Morn, one more time.

Since Keat was not stable enough to make the trip to see his favorite horse, the hospital went above and beyond to bring the horse to him.
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Video: wochit Entertainment