It’s Probably Too Hot For Your Dog If YOU Can’t Pass This Test

There might be times in which you don’t take your dog’s physique into full consideration when doing outdoor activities with them. Remember, dogs don’t wear shoes like we do. They are always on their paws, so the next time you try and take your pup out for a walk make sure it happens during the time of the day where temperatures aren’t scorching hot.

Walks in the mornings or evening are going to be much more appreciated by your pup, you should avoid afternoon suns as they may make your pup very uncomfortable. Should your walks take longer than 30 minutes, take some water and a bowl so that you can keep replenishing their strengths.

Paw Burns

Image: Examiner

The heat during the summer is no joke. There are often reports of dehydration-related deaths both of humans and animals.

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Dog coat

Image: DforDog

There is an amazing coat called the ThermLOW dog cooling coat. You soak the jacket in water, and then place it on your pup. The jacket will keep your dog nice and cool throughout the walk or workout.

According to, the following are the limits of heat on skin contact with both dogs and animals.

120°F: the initial pain threshold for direct skin contact without permanent damage.
140°F: burns, permanent damage, and scarring appear after one minute contact
150°F: rapid burns and blistering.

Your pup would follow you to the ends of the Earth if you  would ask it to. Make sure you keep in mind their health when walking them out this summer.