Protect Yourself

Hugh Jackman recently issued a warning to social media regarding his most recent cancer scare. Coming out of a successful surgery to remove what doctors found to be a mild form of skin cancer. With the bandage still covering his nose, fresh from surgery he issued a stern warning to his followers on social media to be very careful..

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Actor Character Hugh Jackman Cancer Scare Warning Social Media

Image: Instagram/ thehughjackman

Jackman says he “first noticed a “spot of blood” on his nose during the 2013 filming of X-Men Days Of The Future.” At the time, however, he thought maybe he scratched himself during filming so he had no cause for concern. But after getting the spot checked out, he found what the spot actually was, was a bit worse than he anticipated. What it turned out to be was a basal cell carcinoma, which is a mild form of skin cancer that can show up on your face, back, ears, shoulders or neck.

Back in 2013, he issued a similar warning to his followers to, “get themselves checked” and screened for cancer.

Now, with his latest scare, thehughjackman warned his followers on Monday in an Instagram post:

“An example of what happens when you don’t wear sunscreen. Basal Cell. The mildest form of cancer but serious, nonetheless. PLEASE USE SUNSCREEN and get regular check-ups.”

This marks the 5th surgery Jackman has had for a “skin cancer” type of growth which he blames staying out in the sun too long and not wearing sunscreen. In the May issue of People Jackman said, “being an Australian it’s a very common thing. I never wore sunscreen growing up so I was a prime candidate.”

Let’s take Jackman’s advice on this one, and make sure when we’re out in the sun for extended periods of time, we are protecting ourselves with sunscreen whenever possible.

Article: Mashable