Despite Her Mental Ailment, Husband’s Love For Wife Grows Every Day

Pat and Millie, who’ve been married for a strong 76 years, share a beautiful love story together.

The two lovebirds met when Pat worked as an usher for The Embassy Theater in 1937. Millie was a regular visitor, coming to the theater every Thursday evening. In 1939, they were officially wed and have stayed together, madly in love, since.

Recently, however, Millie was unfortunately stricken with Alzheimer’s — a disease that deteriorates mental capabilities, where her memory is being affected the most.

Although they’ve spent their whole lives together, Pat says that the two now live separately because Millie would have a difficult time remembering her husband.

“We live separately because my wife has started claiming that we were not married anymore. Many times, she’ll ask me, ‘Have you seen Pat?’ and then I’d try to tell her, ‘No, I’m Pat.’ [and she would say] ‘No, no, you’re not.’ ” he recalls.

Millie, despite her battle with Alzheimer’s, is still able to walk and is in overall good health. Pat goes to see her every day of the week, and the two will sit together as he listens to her tell stories.

“I just believe that I gotta be with her.”

Source: USA Today