Her Husband Gave Her A Second Wedding After She Suffered Memory Loss

There are very few moments in life that take your breath away. Those defining moments in life are the ones we hold dear. We tell ourselves that those moments will forever be engraved within our memory and that no one can take them away from us. But what happens when our most treasured memories are stripped away from us?

Justice and Jeremy Stamper joined in holy matrimony with a picture perfect wedding, but Justice doesn’t remember any of it. Nineteen days after her wedding day, Justice was in a horrific car accident. After her recovery, she found that her memory prior to up to 5 weeks was long gone.

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Jeremy was determined to grant his wife another wedding, one that she would remember forever. He created a GoFundMe page, asking people to help donate whatever they could to help make their wedding a reality. Their initial goal was that of $5,000 but were blessed to have been gifted over $9,000 dollars! Once more they recreated a memory that will surely last them a lifetime.