Child Star Keith Thibodeaux Shares His Life Story And How Jesus Christ Saved Him!


Keith Thibodeaux

In 1956, Keith Thibodeaux auditioned for the widely preeminent TV series known as ‘I Love Lucy’. When he got the part (due to his charm, ability to play the drums and his resemblance to Desi Arnaz), he felt that there was always a higher power that was with him the whole way.

“I began to ask my dad, ‘Why did God ask me to do this? He could’ve picked any little boy to play the part of Little Ricky.’ but my dad said, ‘Well, God’s got a purpose for you, Keith.’ and that always stuck in my mind.”

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Later, however, Keith’s dad was caught unfaithful to his marriage, and soon everything went completely downhill. The once happy family had split apart, and Keith was desperately looking for something to compensate for his sorrows. He blamed Hollywood and even God for the misfortune.

Under the influence of his friends, the child star began to do drugs and participate in occult practices, such as reading books on mythical creatures and ouija boards. He even claimed to have heard strange, mysterious voices telling him to commit suicide, and it got to the point where he had contemplated it several times.

However, his father’s words resurfaced in his mind and inspired Keith to take action.

“I cried out to God and said, ‘If you’re real… if you save me and take me out of this mess that I made of my life, then I’ll serve you.’ ”

Then, it was clear that God did not intend to leave Keith go unanswered. Not long after Keith’s cries, his mother invited him to go to church with her. When he prayed, he was pulled into a trance where he saw a light. In the light was Jesus, who Keith says paid a visit to comfort and reassure Keith.

Soon after their meeting, Keith turned his life around quickly, thanks to the Word of God and his renewed faith. The inspiring story can be heard here in Keith’s own words.

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