Thieves Are Using This Fake Card Reader To Steal Your Credit Card Information!

After a Redditor shared this photo of a fake card reader, people started to freak out! Who knows how long that fake device could have been there?

The fake card reader is designed to steal credit card information. Reddit user TheCell1990, said that he alerted the bank staff to the device’s presence.

Card Skimmer

Image: Imgur

“I found a card skimmer on an oyster machine at Bank this morning,” he wrote. “Please be aware. Was found at 10:30 AM but could have been there for days.”

The Redditor then explained how to tell the difference between real and fake devices like these.

The fake ones are snapped over the real card reader. The real ones won’t budge, but the fake ones are really flimsy.

Here you can see that they just sit on top of the real devices

Card Skimmer

Image: Imgur

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The Redditor contacted police. The British Transport Police sent the following statement to Mashable:

“Detectives from British Transport Police have launched an investigation after a skimming device was found on a ticket machine at Bank Station.

The device was handed into offices on Thursday, 7 July. At this stage, officers are in the process of analysing the device and making CCTV enquiries.

Anyone who might have information about this is asked to contact BTP on 0800 40 50 40 or by text on 61016.”

Article: Mashable