Dad chops off rapist hands

Furious Father Cuts Off The Hands Of The Teen Who Raped His Daugther

Indian man has allegedly chopped off the hands of the teen who was accused of raping his 7-month-old daughter.

Parminder Singh, 25, allegedly beat the 17-year-old while he tied him to a tree and sliced both of his hands off. He then left him abandoned next to a canal.

The teen was a accused of molesting his then 7-month-old daughter in 2014 after being caught red handed by the baby’s mother.

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Police had the teen sent to a juvenile remedial home while his trial was processed. He was going to make a court appearance in the Bathinda district of Punjab, when the baby’s father lured him by offering him an out-of-court deal.

The 17-year-old lived and is in stable condition, but doctors were not able to fix his hands. Police are now looking for the father, whom they will charge with attempted murder.

Article: DailyMail