Insomnia Linked To “Smelly Rooms”

Have you noticed a decline in your teenagers grades? Does it seem like your kids are never able to be productive during the day? Is your child having more trouble sleeping than usual? The experts have weighed in, and they say: make them clean their “smelly rooms.”

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According to Oxford University Professor of Neuroscience, Colie Espie, many childhood Insomnia related issues may be linked to poorly ventilated and unkept rooms. To test her theory, a nationwide study of 32,000 students from up to 100 schools will participate in a year-long study, that will focus on lessons of improved hygiene. From the results of the study, they will be able to more accurately and conclusively assess how much or how little hygiene can affect academic performance and mood.

Professor Espie explained to the Sun, “Young people never open their windows, their rooms are never ventilated.” When rooms have low ventilation, rebreathing the same uncirculated air can increase the amount of nitrogen while decreasing the amount of oxygen. High or low oxygen/ nitrogen levels can be the cause of frequent headaches, as well as poor patterns of sleep which may greatly affect a kid’s overall performance.

So next time your teenager asks, “Why do I have to clean my room?” Tell them because science says so.

Article: Independent