James Corden Talks About How A Prayer Changed His Whole Life – Yours Can Be Changed Too!

James corden

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James Corden is a hilarious entertainer who is known for his “Carpool Karaoke” segments that bring out the human side of celebrities. There is this lovable side to Corden that makes anyone feel comfortable.

The James Corden that we all know and love wasn’t always this way. In fact, he reveals a dark time in his life that may make you think of him differently.

As he was rising to celebrity status, he struggled to deal with the temptations that Hollywood was providing.

“The person I had become wasn’t the person I wanted to be,” he told the Daily Mail.

Partying, sex, and failed relationships were only the tip of the iceberg, and he did not want to end up like the Titanic. He even admitted that he was ending up “in beds I’d never slept in before, with girls I’d never met before.” He knew that he had to put an end to this destructive lifestyle at once.

“The longer it went on, the emptier my soul felt,” said Corden.

It wasn’t until his mom and dad, whom he views as ideal Christians, came to his house totally unannounced. It was a defining moment in his life because he knew that God was using his parents to guide him in life as an adult just as they did as when he was just a boy.

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“They sat on the tiny two-seater sofa and I sat on the floor. We didn’t have any milk.”

“I had like half a bottle of vitamin water in the fridge and half a little chocolate bunny.”

“I was just talking to the floor really. I felt embarrassment that they were seeing me like this, so embarrassed about so many things—about the way I’d behaved or acted at points over that seven- or eight-month period.”

“My dad just stood up and walked across to where I was and he just put his arms round me and said, ‘You’ve just got to get through this, son.’

“I started to cry. Just as you do when your dad hugs you and you are 30. My mum came over and joined us and we sat there. My dad said, ‘I’m going to say a prayer for you. It will be all right, but you can’t carry on like this and only you can decide what happens now.’”

“Every tear that left my eyes made me feel a little lighter, he said. Dad said a prayer as he kissed my forehead and Mum joined the hug. I’ve no idea how long we stayed there, but it felt like a lifetime.”

“When they left, Dad said, ‘You’ve so much to be thankful for James. I know it’s been a tricky year, but you can’t carry on like this.’”

Article: DailyMail