Baby Jesus

After one Argentinian woman had a life-changing dream about Jesus, she was shocked to find that her ultrasound seemed to reveal an image of Christ’s face. The woman who’s known only as 29-year-old Fanny, gave birth to a daughter named Alfonsia, on September 21st, in the city of Cordoba.

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Baby Jesus Ultrasound Mother Dream Argentina

Image: Daily Mail

Her claim was that just before the interesting appearing of the ghostly image on the ultrasound, that she had a vivid dream of the messiah. The image, appears to show a dark shadow below the baby, and looks strangely like the long flowing beard, and hair of a man. (Continued below)

“The 6-month scan was pretty strange because that day I didn’t intend to have an ultrasound.” One of the student Doctors told her, “I like this photo of his little foot, I’m going to print a copy as a present for you.” It wasn’t until she got home and took a good look at the picture, did she notice the unusual figure.

Woman Baby Jesus Image Ultrasound Dream Argentina

Image: Daily Mail

Fanny had suffered several miscarriages prior to this pregnancy, telling reporters, “It proved to me without a doubt that he had not abandon us. I will never lose faith. I put all my trust in God, who throughout the pregnancy gave me various signs.”

Article: Daily Mail