Nigeria Africa Unveils Giant Christ Statue

Image: Christian Post

Jesus Is Awesome

A new Christ Statue that was recently unveiled in Nigeria is one of the biggest statues on the entire continent. Dubbed ‘Jesus De’ Greatest,’ the roughly 30ft statue is carved from white marble and depicts Christ with outstretched hands. The unveiling is part of a ceremony that took place in Abajah village, on New Years Day. It was a celebration that attracted hundreds of onlookers, worshippers, and Roman Catholic Priests.

Huge Christ Statue Unveiled Ceremony Nigeria Africa

Image: Christian Post

Obinna Onuoha, the local businessman behind the project believes that it will attract people from all over to witness it. The idea of building the giant statue he said,  “came to him in a dream nearly 20 years ago, and he had promised his elderly mother that he would build a church.”

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Christ Statue Unveiling Ceremony Worshippers Priests

Image: Christian Post

Nigeria has been plagued recently by Islamic militants, with terror groups killing over 20,000 people in attacks on citizens. The victims, most of which being Christians, have been targeted in attempts to drive them out of the Country. At least 2.5 million people have been displaced due to the violence, and as many as 1 million children have been prevented from attending school due to the threats.

Article: Christian Post