The Television Host Returned To The Renowned Show And Expressed Her Gratitude.

“I want to thank everybody for your love, and your texts and your tweets. Just the outpouring has been extraordinary. It’s a heck of a way to find out how loved you are. Believe me, my family and I got great strength and comfort from it.”

On August 9th, Frank Gifford passed away peacefully at his home from natural causes. Since that day, Kathie took time off from television to mourn with her family.

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The two were happily married since 1986 and shared everything together, including their faith in God. She explains how Frank grew up in poverty and at times could only afford to eat dog food, which he “was very grateful for”. He was the happiest, most grateful and most peaceful man she ever knew.

The morning he died, he was sitting and waiting to go to church with the family.

“I’m grateful that the Lord took him that way, because the only thing that Frank has ever been afraid of his entire life was being a burden to those he loved,” she said. “He never wanted to be hooked up to machines. He never wanted to lose his dignity. I thank the Lord for that, for his grace to us as a family, and I pray his grace to all of you as well,” spoke a teary-eyed Kathie.

Video/Article: TODAY