The Girl That Made Olympic History – She Is Still Remembered To This Day

Kerri strug


Kerri Strug was one of the American gymnasts in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and it was her turn at the vault.  In her first attempt, she landed wrong, falling and injuring her ankle.  In order to mathematically beat the Russians and clinch the Gold, she needed to perform her 2nd vault attempt, since the lowest score would be dropped.

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She asked her coach, “Do we need this?”  She was told that she was needed for the Gold and that she could, in fact, do it.  She slightly limped onto the end of the runway and ran as if nothing was amiss, performing for the second time.  She landed on her two feet and almost immediately started hopping on her right foot, saluting the judges and dropping to her knees.  She was clearly in excruciating pain.

Kerry’s final score was enough to clinch the Gold and the 7 members of the victorious gymnast team of the Atlanta Olympics, became known as the Magnificent Seven.