These children understand the true meaning of Christmas

A group of children from low-income families were interview by UPtv and asked to make a big choice receive a Christmas gift or give a Christmas gift to their families.

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Each child was asked what he or she wanted for Christmas. All of them eagerly told the UPtv team their wishes. Toys ranging from game systems to dolls were placed in front of their eager owners. The children admired the presents they had longed for commenting to the team, “I can’t believe you got me this.”

The team also brought out the gifts the children mentioned their family members wanted for Christmas. The children admired these presents too in awe of the generosity.

Then the team told the children the twist.

They could only pick one present.

All the children chose the gift for their families. When asked by their responses were heart-warming and wise. One little girl said, “I get gifts every year from my family, but my mom doesn’t get anything.” Another little girl was thankful about what her father does for her and said, “Now I have the opportunity to give him something.” One little boy, who instantly chose the gift for this family said with much poise, “Legos don’t matter, family matters. It’s either legos or family, and I choose family.”

This group of children brought their family members to tears because they understood the true meaning of giving during this holiday season.

Your heart will be moved when you watch the full video:

Video: UPtv