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Kmart stores in Australia, have begun taking extraordinary steps forward in making their advertising more inclusive by featuring models with all different types of disabilities. The dynamic marketing move seems to have been working, as customers, along with the rest if the general public have been joyfully in support as seen in comments and praise of the companies new direction.

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Disabled Kids Children Kmart Advertisement Customers Supportive Social Media

Image: Huffington Post

Customers and fans of the concept have taken to social media to thank Kmart for their forward thinking.

Children Kids Disabled Featured Kmart Advertising Social Media Marketing Fans Support

Image: Huffington Post

According to a representative for Kmart, it will be the first time ever, that children with disabilities will be featured in their catalogs. They told the Huffington Post, “At Kmart Australia we want to reflect every person who walks into our stores — whether they are a team member, a customer, a contractor or supplier. Inclusion is important to us at Kmart no matter a person’s race, gender, ethnicity, age, ability, appearance or attitude and we are focused on continuing to improve on this commitment.”

The kids themselves seem to be just as excited about the new advertisements while customers are saying they hope it might shift people’s perspectives on disabilities. Some of the children that are featured have everything from down syndrome to cerebral palsy, along with other types of physical and mental disabilities.

A mother of one child featured in the catalog, Bronwyn Leeks, said, “One day it won’t be [such] a big deal, it will be the norm. For now, I want them to see a child looking forward to Easter who happens to use a walker because he happens to have a disability. It’s a big deal that mainstream media is finally including children with varying abilities.”

Article: Huffington Post