Meet The Kung Fu Nuns Of Katmandu

High atop the mountains, along the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal, at the Amitabha Drukpa Nunnery the training is in full swing. Every day after their daily prayers and studies are completed, the toughest training for these Nuns truly begins.

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Kung Fu Nuns Katmandu Nepal

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Kung-Fu is a form of martial arts, with a style similar to Karate. Its concentration is mainly on the  momentum of an opponent, along with the use of block and counter striking. The Nepalese Nuns aged between 9-52, first adopted the Kung Fu martial art training into their Yoga routine in 2011.

Kung Fu Nuns Nepal Katmandu

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Today, the group is widely known around Asia, with many making the pilgrimage into the mountains to see the Nuns train. The group also regularly tours around and showcases their talents, traveling between India, China, and Britain.

The Nuns training first began when the leader of the Amitabha Drukpa Nunnery, The Gyalwang Drukpa, impressed with the fighting skills of a Nun group in Vietnam, agreed to invite the female Vietnamese fighters to teach his own group. Many of the activities they now perform are forbidden for Nuns as they are generally required to keep quieter and simpler styles of living.

Kung Fu Nuns Nepal Katmandu

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The training these Nuns have received has already been put to good use when earlier this year when a devastating earthquake unexpectedly ravaged the country. Refusing to evacuate, the Nuns went out to help the affected people, joining in search and rescue operations, food distribution, and even moving dead bodies.

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