Letting Your Baby ‘Cry It Out’ Proves To Have Benefit

A new study has parents wanting to try letting their newborn babies cry themselves to sleep. After all, what parent doesn’t want a good night’s sleep?

Letting a baby cry it out

Image: CNN

According to CNN, researchers in Australia gathered 43 sets of parents who had babies between 6 and 16 months of age who all shared a common complaint that their child had sleeping problems. Researchers taught 1/3 of the parents about ‘graduated extinction’, a fancy name for crying it out.

Parents were asked to leave the room within a minute of putting their child to bed. They were instructed to not go back in and comfort their child if it were to start crying.

Another third of the parents were instructed to follow ‘bedtime fading’. Using this technique, parents put their infant to bed closer to the time he or she usually fell asleep and stay in the room until the child dozed off.

The final third of the parents was the control group. These parents didn’t attempt sleep training and instead received information about infant sleep.

After 3 months, researchers found that babies in the cry-it-out group were falling asleep almost 15 minutes faster than babies in the control group who didn’t use any sleep training methods.

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Video: IntermountainMoms | Article: KTLA