Little Boy Places A Sweet Surprise For The Mailman On The Front Porch

Video Below

boy leaves water for mailman


Young Carmine McDaniel left out a cooler that was stuffed full of water and Gatorade with a sweet little note.

He left the goodies on the front porch of his house, with the intention of having the mailman cool off on that hot day. “Have a good day :)” the note said.

McDaniel explained his thinking to local reporters. “I just thought because it was really hot outside and I didn’t want him to maybe pass out or anything, because they are really important so people can pay their bills and stuff like that and I didn’t want him to pass out pretty much.”

“Water and Gatorade. Thank you. Oh my God, yeah,” the mailman says as he discovers the box, in a video sent into a local station by McDaniel’s proud mother.

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Article: Mashable