Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful

This is what it means to pour out you heart during Karaoke. In the video, A young girl named Audrey Nethery gets busy on her little karaoke machine, pouring out her heart in this adorable performance of the song “Beautiful” by One Direction. Apparently, Audrey’s parents put out these videos to raise awareness for a little-known disease called ADB or Anaemia Diamond-Blackfan. ABD “is a rare blood disorder that causes birth defects and abnormalities. When someone has ABD, their bone marrow doesn’t produce enough red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body which causes abnormalities in features of the face, head and hands, in addition, defects in the heart, kidneys, urinary tract and genital organs.”

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Don’t forget to watch the end where Audrey shows you her new cats!

The family says you can help Audrey by spreading awareness about this disease, and by sharing, reposting and praying for them.

Video: Quéo