Rare Condition Causes Little Girl To Pass Out In The School Bathroom

Brooke Abate has been desperately trying to figure out for the past two years what is destroying her daughter, Jayla.

In 2014, Jayla passed out while sitting on the toilet before school started. Her mother remembers Jayla being white-colored and unresponsive as she was taken to the hospital. Doctors didn’t think much of the situation and sent her home with a couple of antibiotics.

Girl passes out on toilet

Image: Brooke Abate

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Early in 2016 Jalya was given a heart monitor. But during that time she had no episode of the same attack. Doctors couldn’t pin-point exactly what was going on with Jayla.

“I wasn’t going to stop until I found out what it was. A mom knows when something is wrong with her babies.”

Girl passes out on toilet

Image: Brooke Abate

Some time after that, doctors finally diagnosed Jayla with Sick Sinus Syndrome. It is a disorder that causes her heart to stop beating for five to six seconds at a time. Although the family now has some answers, the road to saving Jayla is still a difficult one.

Their financial struggle is their main one.

“Faith and prayers and the love of our little family keeps us going,” Abate says.

“Don’t give up. Do whatever it takes to find out. As a mom, you know when something is not right — go with that, don’t second guess yourself. Stay positive and let your child know that you will not stop until you have answers.”

They have set up a GoFundMe page in order to help their daughter have a bright future, our prayers are with the family.

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