Little Girl Saves Her Blind Grandmother From A Housefire!

It was a good thing little Cloe Woods in Pre-K paid close attention to all the basic fire emergency drills she learned back in October. Earlier this month, the stove in her home caught on fire, setting off the smoke alarm.

Cloe did not hesitate to jump into action! The 5-year-old jumped out of bed and ran to her blind grandmother’s room.

“She told my mom to hold her shoulder and that they had to get out of the house,” – Cloe’s mother, Arceneaux, says

Once out of the house, Cloe went running door to door looking for some water to pour over the stove.

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“She was running and telling the neighbors to call 911, and I said what’s going on. She said the house is on fire, so I jump out of the car and said what?,” Arceneaux said.

The Kenner Fire Department Chief, John Hellmers, said thanks to the fire drills, a tragedy was easily avoided that day.

Video: The Daily Spectator