Dallas Shooting Sniper Was An Army Vet

Dallas shootings against police

Image: New York Post

One of the Dallas gunman, Micah Xavier Johnson, was killed on the same day that he opened fire on Dallas police. There was a standoff between Johnson and the police until he was killed by a bomb robot placed by police. Micah X. Johnson told cops he was a US Army vet, according to officials and media reports.

Johnson, 25, had tried to barricade himself inside an El Centro College garage downtown. This is where he told authorities that he was “not affiliated with any groups” and “did this alone.”

Johnson has no known criminal history. He was inspired by the recent tragic events against black lives at the hands of white police.

Police believe Johnson is responsible for some of the shootings, but not all. The search is still on to find the rest of the gunmen.

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Video: New York Post