Los Angeles Shuts Down Public Schools Due To A “Credible” Threat

Image: Yahoo News

Image: Yahoo News

The city of Los Angeles has shut down all of its public schools this Tuesday morning after they received a “credible” threat that targeted the country’s second-largest education district with 640,000 students.

Ramon Cortines, the superintendent of Los Angeles schools, says that this extreme measure was in fact a precaution. Following the events of the San Bernandino shooting, you can never be too safe.

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According to him, police alerted him to a threat involving backpacks and other suspicious packages.

The threat was emailed from Germany to a school board member, it was deemed credible.

Police and FBI agents were called in to help search more than 1,000 schools in the district. The operation was expected be fulfilled in just one day.

The chief of the Los Angeles school police department, Steven Zipperman, knows that this was an extreme measure to take.

“Earlier this morning we did receive an electronic threat that mentions the safety of our schools,” he told reporters.

Private schools in the Los Angeles area remained open since the threats were only made to the LAUSD. The LAUSD is the second largest education district in our nation. It contains more than 900 schools, and the district is comprised of more than 21,000 building that spread over 720 square miles. Indeed, if something devastating were to happen there, the nation would be shaken to its core.

Article: Yahoo News