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From beneath the damp dark earth, he barked out. Maverick, a 12-year old German Shepard, was stuck in a sinkhole for over 3 days. and first responders to the scene were afraid the ground around him might collapse. But with his strong will to live and the determination by rescuers, Maverick is back in the arms of his safe and loving foster home, with Lisa VanVulkenberg.

41 Action News reports, it all started when “Maverick got past an invisible fence around the yard that he managed to get past during a bathroom break outside.” Lisa, along with a team of rescuers, began searching as soon as they realized he was gone. The first started looking in the nearby creek beds, and waterlines near the property. What no one knew, however, is that Maverick had gotten himself trapped near the road in a 5-feet deep sinkhole.

Dog Maverick Rescued Firefighters Sinkhole 3 Days

Image: 41 Action News

Knowing they couldn’t reach the poor dog alone, they called the fire department who lent a hand in the extraction. Firefighters were finally able to rescue Maverick and get him to an emergency animal hospital for treatment. There, “doctors worked for hours to stabilize Maverick, removing dirt from his eyes and airways.”

Dog Sinkhole Trapped Buried Alive Found Rescued Safety Pet

Image: 41 Action News

Maverick still has a long road to recovery but is doing well despite the circumstances. According to the report, “The County has started covering up the sinkhole temporarily, while they attempt to fix the pipe that caused the sinkhole in the first place.”

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Article: 41 Action News
Video: Susanna Mostaghiim