The 6-year-old German shepherd, Blek, suffered multiple injuries in a violent crash that killed Police Officer Eslary.

Blek’s bond with his partner was so close that with a broken back he followed his training by not allowing first responders near Eslary at the crash scene.

Blek, was injured in the wreck and spent two weeks in Allegheny County animal hospitals. He returned home with Eric’s wife, Mary Beth.


“It was a big comfort, having him here, and at least knowing I had a part of Eric back with me. He was glad to be home as well,” Mary Beth said. “He’s really coming along, adjusting to home life. He looks for Eric, I think, sometimes. But he’s doing really good.”

Blek’s front right paw is partially shaved, and he has to be careful not to suffer any trauma to his body to prevent further injury.

“His back right leg was a spinal injury. It caused him a little bit of paralysis in his back right leg. But with therapy in the morning — I give him therapy in the morning, rub his leg, he seems to be coming along good,” Mary Beth said. “I don’t think Blek will ever be back at 100 percent. He does have some issues with his right back leg. In the future, it might be a surgery. That will tell with his future doctor’s appointments to come.”