Man Saves Family Trapped In SUV

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Kirk Cardoso Rescued A Woman And Her 2 Children Seconds Before Her SUV Fully Caught Flames

This last Wednesday, on Cardoso’s his way to a job on highway 99 a SUV crashed into the divider.

“I just saw it lose control and hit the wall and it hit hard,” says Cardoso.

He immediately stopped to help.

“I could smell the gas leaking, knowing there was an open flame, that just pressed me to move faster.”

Inside the wrecked SUV one woman, Codee Cardoza, and her two children daughter Paiden and 2-year-old son were trapped. She explains that the whole crash and the feeling of being trapped felt like a long time.

“I lost track of time, flipping from when it started and when we stopped, it felt like forever,” she said.

She and her children were still dangling from the safety restraints when Cardoso went to go save her.
Right away, he ran through traffic, jumped the divider and slid under the SUV to get the 2-year-old out first says ABC30.

Cardoso tells ABC30,

“I told Codee I would have died trying,” and added “I wouldn’t have let them sit in there and burn.”

He then says that two other men jumped in to pull the little girl out. After fully getting the 2-year-old out, Cardoso went back to get the mother out.

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“She jumped, I gave her everything I had and she about tumbled out the window,” Cardoso said.

As soon as Cardoza stepped out with the mother the SUV Caught fire.

“As soon as I put my two feet on the ground it started to catch on fire.”

Paramedics, who caught the fire on video, most likely wouldn’t of have saved the family in time because of the heavy traffic.

“Traffic was so backed up, emergency responders would have never made it in time,” Cardoso said.


Woman And Two Children Trapped In SUV Saved

ABC30 Video Still

The family miraculously survived with only cuts and bruises all thanks to Cardoso and the two other men.
Paiden, the mother’s daughter says that he is a hero send from God.

“He is an angel,” she said.

But, Cardoso says it was another angle that had been watching over everyone. His father-in-law who passed away a few weeks prior was a firefighter.
He believes that his father-in-law was able to hold off the flames from above so he can save the family.

“I think he gave a hand on that fateful day and he kept those flames down ’till everyone was to safety,” Cardoso said.

God was watching over this family. What happened was truly a miracle.

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