This Video Isn’t For The Faint!

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While doing a checkup on a schoolgirl with swollen gums, the dentist found something out of a horror film.

More than a dozen maggots had made the little girls’ mouth their home.

Ana Cardoso, 10, was taken to the clinic in Brazil after complaining of a tingling sensation in her gums and that she felt something ‘moving around’ in there.

“She had been saying for a few days that she felt something moving around in her mouth and at first I thought she was joking.
I couldn’t see anything and she didn’t seem to be in pain.” – Her mother Adriana, 35, said.

But then it started getting worse and no matter how much we brushed her teeth she said she still felt something.
‘I know my daughter and she is not one to make up stories or lie, so eventually I took her to see a dentist.’

Ana was diagnosed with a rare form of oral myiasis, a fly lava maggot infection that is able to grow in humans and animals!

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Article: DailyMail