No One Expected This Boy To Ask For This!

When Kellan Tilton was born, he was immediately diagnosed with a large tumor on his spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Now at 3 years old, he navigates around using an all-terrain wheelchair. He is also cancer-free after being on chemotherapy his whole life!

Recently, the Make-A-Wish Foundation asked Kellan what he wanted, and they were shocked—as well as pleased—with his answer.

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Kellan wanted a paved pathway from his house to the backyard barn so that he could help his dad. It would be much faster and easier for him to reach his father without having to worry about getting stuck in a muddy area or elsewhere.

So, that’s exactly what he got. Over half a dozen businesses in Maine arrived at his house to help construct the path. There will even be a brand new swing set to go along!

“This is something that’s going to really, really improve his quality of life absolutely,” Kellan’s mother, Elizabeth, states. What an inspiring little boy! He deserves it for his admirable strength and willingness to help others despite his ailment. You’re in our prayers, Kellan!

Article: KSL
Video: USA Today