Unlike Mother Teresa, Mama Maggie came from upper-middle-class beginnings. Born Maggie Gobran, she became a professor at the American University in Cairo, a socialite and a successful businesswoman.

But she gave up her career after she saw children living in abject poverty and decided to help them.

Now 65 years old, Mama Maggie has served and educated some 30,000 low-income families in overwhelmingly Muslim Egypt, where Coptic Christians struggle as second-class citizens.

The brutal beheadings of 21 Christians at the hands of ISIS terrorists shocked the world. But almost as worldview shattering was the strong faith of the victims, even in the face of certain death. Now we know where their faith may have came from.

Her name is Mama Maggie. She’s a Christian who, though she has never taken formal vows, is known as the Mother Teresa of Cairo. For two decades she has served the children in Egypt’s slums through her organization, Stephen’s Children, named after the first century Christian martyr.

Seven of the men who were beheaded came out of her schools. Five of them she knew by name.

In an interview on FoxNews.com’s “Spirited Debate,” the diminutive Mama Maggie said that when those young men were children growing up in her schools, she ate with them and prayed with them.

“Yes,” she said, “they are my boys.”

If you can’t get enough of Mama Maggie here is another video of this incredible woman.

Source:Fox News