Showing Kindness To An Elderly Homeless Woman By Building Her A Portable House

Elvis Summers, a 37-year-old man in South L.A. befriended a homeless woman who would come by asking for recyclables. He admired her endurance and perseverance, as she was 60 years old and did not have little to no belongings. Better known as “Smokie”, Irene McGhee had been homeless for more than a decade after losing her husband and her house.

“It was really hard. People talking crazy to you, kids are mean to you, talk about ‘look at that old woman pushing a basket,’” – Smokie

It took five days and some creativity to build a portable three-and-a-half-by-eight-foot house, something Smokie will cherish for the rest of her life. With some stability in her life, she is now actively seeking jobs to pull herself up even further.

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Video: Hezakya Newz & Entertainment