After Seeing The Difficulty His Wife Has To Go Through While Breastfeeding, He Decides To Do The Unthinkable!

Breastfeeding in public has become a hot topic for discussion because so many people are divided on the subject, although it is something that is supposed to happen naturally.

A family decided to share their experience and thoughts on the subject through this lighthearted video. Since its posting, it has gained tens of thousands of views, and we can see why!

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29-Year-old Brock Smith and his wife Lauren talked to People magazine about the difficultness they experience when she tries to breastfeed in public.

“This evening was abnormally hot, and our daughter Everly was having a rough time latching to my wife because she was hot and uncomfortable under the cover. So my wife says, ‘Well Brock, would you like to eat underneath a blanket!?’ So, trying to find the fun in everything, I threw a blanket over my head for the rest of my meal and dessert.

We hear horror stories all the time about the harassment and looks that they receive. [My wife] has never been shamed directly, but as her husband, I see the looks, and being in tune with my wife, I know she is uncomfortable with doing it publicly.”

Family breastfeeds public

Image: Brock Smith

Lauren has always felt as if she needs to appear modest in public because Brock is a high school teacher. This is why breastfeeding has been especially difficult for her.

“The anxiety with nursing in public with our first child, Elliot, now 3, was so real that she hardly ever left the house. This second time around, I’ve made it my mission to make her feel as comfortable as possible in every situation. I make it my priority to serve my wife in a way that allows her to continually be selfless for our children.”

But Brock has been supportive of her 100%!

“I want men to take away that our wives and partners need our support with nursing.”

Family breastfeeds public

Image: Brock Smith

“My wife wants women to take away that there is a community of like-minded moms. Something that is so beautiful and natural has been tainted by society and over-sexualized [by] media – and there is an obvious double-standard.”

Video: Brock Smith