Thank God He Is Ok!

man falls off slide

Image: Video Screenshot

David Salmon posted this video to his Facebook page that shows him in slow motion gaining too much speed while going down a water slide.

As it turns out, he fell down a cliff right after he fell off the water slide. He suffered a broken arm, fractured ribs and multiple lacerations on his side, back and arms in the fall. Fortunately, he does not need surgery.

“Too dang old to be going down water slides. Fell off this one that is over a rocky cliff. First time in an ambulance. I’m currently in the hospital in Round Rock. Broke my arm (humerus) and fractured ribs. Multiple lacerations on my back, arms and side. Just found out I don’t need surgery so that’s good news! One more night in Austin then I can go home to Dallas.”

The best thing is that is that he is staying positive about it!

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Editor’s note: At the end of the slow-motion video a curse word may have been said.

Video: David Salmon