Penny Profiteer

One Reddit user made a startling discovery when going through the spare change in his pocket. What he first thought was a normal penny, actually turned out to be some sort of minting error. The discovery of the blank planchet that found it’s way into circulation quickly got him taking pictures and posting the find on social media for more answers.

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Man Finds Strange Coin Worth 2 Dollars Planchet Unstruck

Image: Reddit/ smis

Other Reddit users quickly helped to identify the find, while some had him thinking he found something so unusual that he could start planning his retirement early; others explained that the unstruck pennies are given away during certain tours of the Denver Mint. The truth of the matter was that the penny he found is worth about $2 dollars U.S. but hey that is still a 20,000% increase in value. Not bad for a day just looking around on Reddit. (Continued Below)

Denver Mint Un-struck Coin Found

Image: Imgur/ xSxtBYU

The poster mentioned how he would spend his new found fortunes saying  “I ran the numbers sounds about right. I think I’ll buy a nice salad for lunch today.”

Article: Redditsmis