Life-Risking Rescue

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When a man from Bogota Columbia, named Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez, noticed that his neighbor’s dog Luna was in danger. He immediately sprung into action. Stuck between the balcony railing of their 13th- floor apartment, the dog dangled helplessly above the street. He tried pushing Luna back to safety with a broomstick, but when that didn’t work, he decided he would make the dangerous climb.

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A crowd had gathered on the streets below as Jimenez made his harrowing climb. According to Dodo, Jimenez said, “People on the ground were screaming. They had a mattress out just in case.”

Finally reaching the intended balcony, Jimenez was able to pull himself over. He said “The truth is, I did not think about the dire consequences. I did not look down.”

He grabbed the dog Luna and waited on the balcony for several hours until his neighbor finally made it home. “When I had Luna in my hands and looked down, a thousand thoughts flew through my mind.”

When his neighbor finally got home she was in tears over what had happened, grateful that he was able to come to Lunas aid just in time.

Article: AOL | Video: phuc huan nguyen