What He Saw Gave His Family Hope

As Eric Pendelton was driving home on Christmas Eve he saw a rainbow that looked as if it had ended almost directly on his driveway. When he arrived home noticed a strange form on his lawn. It was a dark shape, but as he looked a little closer the shape took on a more familiar form.

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Rainbow Leading Sign From God Mans Lawn

Image: WDAM7

To Pendelton, it looked exactly like an Angel holding a baby. Believing this to be no coincidence, he was certain that it had to be a sign from God. His daughter had been trying to have a baby, with no luck. She’s had several miscarriages causing the family much heartache and grief.

Sign From God Angel Holding Baby Left Lawn

Image: WDAM7

Pendelton said, “We think this is God’s way of saying he is going to give my daughter a baby,” He also said that he thinks the rainbow leading him to the spot in his yard was also a sign. Adding, “A baby born after a miscarriage is called a rainbow baby.”

We are also praying with the family for a beautiful healthy baby.

Article: WDAM 7