A Man’s Generosity Towards A Family In Need Will Inspire You To Pay It Forward!

One man’s generosity is sending shockwaves through social media as a reminder that things in the world aren’t as bad as they may sometimes seem to be.

According to a now-deleted post from Love What Matters, a man named Matthew surprised two strangers after hearing them explain to their kids that they could not afford to get them the new booster seats AND some new clothes.

Apparently, the family had to make a tough decision between booster seats and clothes.

Heather Nock, the original author of the post, wrote on her Facebook:

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So after this horrible month we’ve had (hospital visits, medical problems, money problems, a break-in last night) something amazing happened. So the kids needed new booster seats and they also needed some new clothes. And as most of you know I’ve been really struggling with money problems and trying really hard to get by.

We were standing by the girls’ section of clothes and I was talking to the kids and told them ‘I can either get the booster seats this week or some new clothes but I can’t afford both and I’m sorry. But I promise next weekend I will get whatever else you need and want.’ I didn’t think anybody heard what I said.

Booster seat surprise

Image: Bill and Heather Nock/Love What Matters

But about 15 minutes later when the kids were looking at clothes that they wanted. This guy named Matthew came up to us with both booster seats (the ones the kids had originally picked but had to put back because I couldn’t afford them) in a Walmart bag that he had just purchased for us because he overheard our conversation and he felt bad. He told me that he heard the sadness in my voice when I told the kids I couldn’t afford both this week. And then he told me God bless and gave me a hug.

Nock was so surprised by the man’s generosity, she didn’t want to let this kindness go unappreciated. She caught up to the man and asked to take a photo with him. Kindness really is all around us!

When you think there is nothing left to feel good about, this happens. Just remember there are good people in this world so never lose your faith. And remember to always pay it forward. So as soon as I can I will. Thank you, Matthew.

Article: DailyDish