Marathon Organizers Were Moved By A Strangers Act Of Kindness That They Decided To Do Something Special For Everyone

“When I got to the start line about 6:15 a.m. the race director came and got me and took me to these two US Navy officers who present the medals at the finish. They said when I crossed the line they wanted me to hand the flag to them, they would do a full blown, white glove folding ceremony, and present the flag back to me, and then I could present it (with the medal) to Greg and Trista.”– Clark

After hearing about a military tragedy that took the life of Greg McReynolds’ son ,Austin, Clark offered to honor the fallen soldier in the most astounding way. Clark decided to take Austin’s flag to the finish line of an important marathon that he was about to complete.

What was waiting for him at the finish line… well that you must see for yourself!

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Video: 47371Alex