Sgt. Jacob Fisher was doing a tower check on a military base in Afghanistan one night when he was alerted that there was a wild animal caught in one of the traps set. But when he got to the trap it turned out to be a small puppy. He took the puppy in that night out of the cold and within a week he knew that the puppy was going home with him. He named him Jax, and through the rest of his tour Jax supported him through some of the toughest times.

At the end of his seven-month deployment, he finally returned home. Thanks to support from the SPCA’s International program Operation Baghdad Pups he was able to see Jax again. And when it was time to see Jax again, Fisher brought the whole family to meet Jax and introduce him to his new home. It had been 2.5 months since he had seen Jax and was hoping that he still remembered him, But he had nothing to worry about.

Source: PAWsitive