Marine Dies While Saving Drowning Teens

Marine loses life while saving teens

Image: Fox29

A Marine veteran who was awarded two Purple Hearts rescued two teens from a Texas dam drowning. However, he did not make it.

Retired Master Sgt. Rodney Buentello, 42, was at Bandera City Park Wednesday with his wife and two children when he noticed something stuck in a strong undertow of the dam. It was two teens fighting for their lives.

The situation all started when the girl tried to walk across the dam, but was swept away by the strong undertow. A male teen then jumped in to help, but was no match for the strong rush of water.

Buentello was able to get both teens out. However, when first responders got to the scene it was too late, Buentello had drowned.

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Marine loses life while saving teens

Image: Fox29

More than $30,000 has been raised for the fallen Marine’s family. Buentello had served one tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq. Indeed, he never stopped being a hero even after retirement.

“He followed in his father’s footsteps, had multiple deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and it was through the grace of God he came back safely and we were able to catch up several years down the road,” says Pete Pruneda, a close friend of Buentello.

“I wasn’t surprised by his heroic action to jump in and take action, that is what he was trained to do, he was trained to save lives, he saved countless lives in the military and I think it was his calling to be at that moment in time to save a life and tragically giving up his own in the process,”

Article: Fox29