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Kryptonite isn’t the only thing that can cause superheroes to struggle. Sometimes they can even have issues like low self-esteem, or even a legitimate blood disease. Take 5-Year-Old Max Levy for example.  Max, who is now known to the comic book world as “Iron Max” struggles with hemophilia, it is a condition that inhibits the ability of the blood to clot. What that means is when an injury like a cut occurs, bleeding and blood loss can be severe.

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In order to combat the disease, Max needed a lot IV treatments. Many times, instead of getting stuck with needles each time treatments are received, doctors can create a port in the patient’s chest to make it easier to administer. But having to get a port hole in your chest can be a tough thing for a young child to understand. To explain this to Max, his father came up with an ingenious idea, tell him he is going to be just like Iron Man. After all, Iron Man has a plate in his chest too, just like Max.

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From that point, Max was never worried about the frequent treatments he needed. He understood that was just something a superhero sometimes has to do. Max was now able to relate to his favorite superhero like never before.

Max’s sister Zoe also came up with a brilliant idea to help support Max’s treatment and the Children’s Hospital where he received them. She created calendars featuring pictures she had taken of Max and his friends. NBC News explains, “That is when Marvel, creators of Iron Man, caught wind of Max’s story and Zoe’s work- and reached out to them. Brian Michael Bendis, one of the top writers at Marvel Comics, told the father that Max was going to appear in one of their comic books.”

Max who is now 6-years old explains in the video “I think it’s pretty cool being in a comic book. Like it’s really really cool.” Max’s father thinks it is a great way to raise awareness of the disease, hoping that maybe their story can be a help in providing a cure.

Article: NBC News

Video: World’s Record