Kind Mcdonalds Worker Helps Disabled Customer Eat Burger Food Nice Student Taiwan

Image: Yahoo

Food Service

A heart-warming image taken by a customer at a Mcdonalds restaurant, in Taiwan, has been melting hearts of online viewers everywhere. The image, which shows a disabled customer that was having trouble eating, being fed by a kind Mcdonalds employee named He. The fast food workers kind act proves that there are still people out there willing to go above and beyond the call of duty by being generous to others.

He, is a 19-year-old university student, working part-time after class at the restaurant in the township of Chaozhou. The woman who caught the beautiful moment named Li Ting, says it’s hard to find people like that nowadays, so it’s no surprise why the image has gotten so much attention. She says “He did not discriminate against the disabled customer, instead he just helped him with burger. Thank you for helping him fill his stomach. He deserves a raise.”

Since the image has been posted online, He, has gained international attention. Recalling the moment He said, “I saw the disabled customer struggling with the burger and decided to offer his help,” and said “he did not think the act was a big deal. ”

Article: Yahoo