Man Started To Use His Monopoly Winnings To Feed The Homeless, Now Everyone Is Doing It!

Matt Lawson, a photographer from Melbourne, Australia, shared a photo on Facebook that quickly received amazing support from those who viewed it.

Mcdonald’s is currently running a game featuring the ever-so-popular Monopoly game. In the game, certain menu items come with game tickets. Some even come with ‘instant’ wins! If you happen to get an ‘instant’ win, your little ticket becomes a voucher that you can use to redeem free food. Lawson, who got one such voucher, proposed something to the people who also get a voucher from their games.

McDonald’s is currently running the monopoly game and I’ve got an idea. If you win free food by purchasing food you would have bought anyway, why not put your tokens in a jar and take them to an area where you know there are people less fortunate then yourself (Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy shelters etc).i did it today and if all of us do it together we can be part of a small change.

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Mcdonalds win is a win for the homeless as well

Image: Matt Lawson Photography

Lawson explains that he felt compelled to share his idea after finding his instant win ticket and seeing a homeless man who’d been a banker in the past but had fallen on hard times. He gave the homeless man the voucher.

Article: Matt Lawson Photography