Conjoined twin boys, Conner and Carter, were born in Jacksonville, FL. These bouncing baby boys were born conjoined at the sternum and lower abdomen, sharing a liver, small intestine, and bile ducts. When their mother first went in for an ultrasound, she knew something wasn’t quite right. The doctors came in with the shocking news, they formulated an extensive team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and consults. A few of which included Daniel K. Robie, MD, FACS; Nicholas D. Poulos, MD; Stephen P. Dunn, MD; Carolyn Fleming Banniser, MD.

These boys were born into a world of medical uncertainty. Their parents feared losing one, if not both, of twins during birth because of their rare situation. After 12 hours of suspense and emotional strain, the boys were separated. Although they still remain in the hospital. they are stable, a true miracle.

ABC US News | World News