Boomer Phelps

Image: Video Screenshot

Michael Phelps Wins 19th Gold Medal, His Baby Son Boomer Steals The Show!

Boomer Phelps

Image: People Magazine

Michael Phelps has just won his 19th gold medal, shared with his teammates Caeleb Dressel, Ryan Held, and Nathan Adrian.

Boomer Phelps

Image: US Weekly

Despite Phelps’ troubled years, it’s great to see that he’s settled down and focused on what’s important in life. His wife Johnson and baby Boomer made an adorable appearance in every one of his races. Phelps appears to be a very dedicated dad, in comparison of his own. America is LOVING our glimpse of our favorite athlete’s little guy!

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Boomer Phelps

Image: SwimSwam

These Phelps special edition shoes feature Boomer’s footprints.

Video: NBC Sports