Desperate Midwives

The streets were completely impassable, the neighborhood flooded by the storms heavy downpour. Cathy Allen Rude, a midwife from Houston Texas, needed to travel several miles to the birth clinic in order to deliver an expectant mother-to-be that had gone into early labor. “They had thought about sending a kayak to get Rude to the clinic,” but that plan didn’t work out. She stood out on her front patio with her bag of equipment looking out over the flooded streets, and that’s when she noticed a neighbor floating around on an inflatable swan.

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Midwife Delivery Mother Baby Swan Inflatable Water Flood Float Birth Clinic

Image: Fresno Bee

Rude recalls yelling to the neighbor, “‘How about giving my midwife a ride on your swan to come deliver my baby?’” The neighbor obliged and pushed the swan over to the front of her home. “We hauled all my stuff in and she walked me to the end of the street.”

Pushing passed all the murky water that surrounded her home, they finally reached the street where a truck was waiting to pick her up. “Her neighbor helped her load the equipment onto a waiting pickup truck to drive her to the clinic at last.”

Rude successfully helped to deliver a healthy baby boy to the new mother on Monday night. Though “with more rain forecast for the week, Rude plans to stay at the clinic until the next baby is born or the streets improve. “It’s still flooded, unless I want to take another ride,” she says.

That is one dedicated midwife.

Article: BND