“Children have a right to grow up with a father and a mother.”

In Rome Italy, on January 30th, a huge protest drawing millions of people turned out in Rome’s Circus Maximus to support the sanctity of traditional marriage. The mega-march comes as the Italian Parliament prepares to vote on civil unions as well as adoption rights for same-sex couples.

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Massive Protest Gathering Support Traditional Family Homosexual Same Sex Marriage

Image: LifeSiteNews

The enormous gathering which was dubbed “Family Day,” was organized by the Committee to Defend Our Children. The protest, a response to the push by the ruling democratic party to legally recognize same-sex unions, along with granting them the right to adopt the children of their partners.

Lifesitenews explains, “The protestors expressed their concern that such a measure would enable homosexuals to contract with egg donors and surrogates to “synthesize” children who will never know their mothers and who lack any right to a natural family.”

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Image: Lifesitenews

Many Catholic Bishops in Rome supported the march, including Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, who defended the traditional understanding of the family and the rights of children. Lifesitenews reports Bagnasco as saying days before the protest that, “the true good of the children must prevail over everything else, they are the weakest and most vulnerable.” His statements reflect those made by Pope Francis last year saying “children have a right to grow up with a father and a mother. The family is an anthropological fact, not an ideological one.”

Aside from the issue of same-sex civil unions, it is the issue of same-sex adoption that Italians most anxiously oppose. In Italy, a whopping 85 percent identify as being opposed to it, and only 15 percent in favor according to a recent survey by IPR Marketing.

This comes after the Supreme Court ruling in the United States that legalized same-sex marriage. A vote on the bill in Italy is expected to happen early this month.

Article: Lifesite News