Newborn Baby Had To Be Put In A Freezer Bag To Be Saved

Image: Caters

Image: Caters

Theo Buckingham was needed to be put in a induced state of hypothermia in order to prevent any brain damage and to help doctors resuscitate his little heart after his birth.

Rebecca Buckingham, 40, from Charing Heath, Kent, gave birth to Theo at the William Harvey Hospital on October 10 2014. As with

Right after baby Theo was born, he was suffering from breathing problems and diagnosed with pneumonia in intensive care.

Image: Caters

Image: Caters

As Express News reports:

“That freezer bag treatment saved my little boy – it’s incredible.

“I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough. Their quick thinking and innovative treatment saved my baby – I didn’t know if he’d pull through at all, let alone see his first birthday.

“The resuscitation saved his life and the cooling treatment prevented further brain damage and future disabilities.

“We didn’t know if he lived if he would have any mental or physical difficulties.

“He needed CPR and resuscitation and was put into a hypothermic blanket to cool him right down. It was horrific and completely unexpected.

“They put him in a state of hypothermia to limit the brain damage he might suffer from the lack of oxygen.

“I’ve never been so terrified but I still wasn’t all there, I just wanted to see my baby boy.


Image: caters

Image: caters

Article: Express News