Hiker And His Dog Went Missing – They Never Stopped Praying To God For Their Rescue

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Dog and hiker went missing

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Michael and his dog became lost Monday morning while on a hiking trip. After the pair didn’t return from their hike, they were reported missing.

The pair was lost for 2 days. Bauer, Michael’s dog, and Michael became exhausted from trying to find their way back home.
The pads on Bauer’s feet became really worn.

“Every morning I got up and just thought I would figure a way and I didn’t. And he couldn’t really go anymore. That’s when I just set up camp and figured they’re going to come get me or I’m not going to make it.”

The two were found in the Cherry Point area by helicopter search crews.

They cannot give enough thanks to God, whom the family all prayed to in order to keep Michael safe.

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Video: CBS Local