Delivering Hope With Haircuts

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What was once used as an old ice cream truck, has now become the home base for “Beauty In Transition,” a mobile hair salon that caters to the homeless in New York. Refurbished and outfitted with the latest in hair care products, they now offer free haircuts, grooming, and salon level styling for people that live on the streets and in shelters.

Homeless Mobile Hair Salon Stylists Working New York

Image: The Atlantic

Hair care, as they realized is a practical need that everyone has but is often pushed aside for things that are more of a priority in those types of situations. As one stylist in the video mentions, “It’s not so much about the makeover as it is about a person’s self-esteem, and I think that is the most important part. When people can look in the mirror and feel good about themselves, it is the beginning many need to start to pull themselves out of these types of situations.”

“One of the major goals of the project was really to just meet an individuals needs, it’s an opportunity to give a person exactly what they asked for, “the project organizer Jody Wood explains. The stylists along with making them look and feel good, are also just there to provide a place to come where they don’t have to feel like they’re being judged. “It’s almost like a portal where you can walk into the back of this truck from off the street, and be transported into a salon.”

The hope for the project is that it will soon be able to start breaking down some of those stigmas that keep people who are homeless isolated.

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Video: The Atlantic